Oct. 7, 2013

New Interactive Map Tool For Talis Park - Introducing Talis Park Explorer

Introducing Talis Park Explorer - A REAL-TIME Interactive Map Tool to follow the progress of Talis Park. 

One of the common questions we receive from prospects, owners and members of the professional real estate community is simply "What is Available at Talis Park?". We'll we want to address that question head on by offering a very simple and fun to use tool called Talis Park Explorer which is an interactive tool we use in our sales enviornment and now it is available for use 24/7 by simply follwoing the link below.  You can also use our Apps built specifically for mobile devices so feel free to go to Iphone / Ipad App Store or Google Play.  

See the link below to start "Exploring" and better yet come see the property in person at 16980 Livingston Road Naples FL 34110 or 239.449.5900.