Herscoe Hajjar Architects, Inc. is an architectural firm in Naples, Florida founded in 2003 by Robert Herscoe and Michael Hajjar. Mr. Herscoe and Mr. Hajjar have been practicing architecture in Naples for the past 7 years and have worked together since 1992. HH Architects is dedicated to creating innovative projects which explore the significance that architecture has in creating a sense of place and inevitably crafting the identity of a community.

Herscoe Hajjar Architects is a full service architectural firm - meaning that design and drawing documentation of the shell and core as well as all interiors that are physically attached to the architecture are all included services. They specialize in custom, high-end single-family homes and also do residential renovations and additions as well as some small commercial projects.

As their work portrays, Herscoe Hajjar Architects is able to work on projects of any style and size. Rob and Michael feel strongly that they should not direct their clients, but rather facilitate the client's realization of their own vision of architecture. Therefore, the work of HH Architects is eclectic. Their diverse portfolio is telling to how well they listen to their clients. HH Architects believe that all styles of architecture bring to the table a design challenge and it is their responsibility to pursue the authenticity of the desired style.

Michael Hajjar - Principal