Our passion at Talis Park is to create "place" and a sense of community while serving our Property Owners in very thoughtful ways.  Property Owners in turn provide the constant fuel the fires the engine of the Development process and our passion for Hospitality. We are very grateful for the many wonderful relationships formed and forming that share this spirit of the "place" which is rooted in the core values of providing choice, that design matters and a culture of service and long-term relationships. 

The process of becoming a property owner is the beginning of our relationship not the end like so many experiences before. We take this serious and the Kitson team, our builders and design professionals take this to heart and we don't rest until the vision of our owners is realized and they are enjoying their new home here and the lifestyle and experiences that are part of being here.  We have also started a few new (old) traditions to celebrate those very important steps in the process. We welcome your review of these images and we welcome a conversation with you about how Talis Park could play a role in your future. By the way, our owners are not bashful about sharing their stories so we are happy to connect you with them.  

Warm Rewards,

The Talis Park Team